Global Care Foundation



Help for Our Future

They’re our most valuable asset yet 1 in 5 children live in poverty in the US. Many are abused, neglected and searching for direction. GCF is committed to helping improves the lives of future generations.


Combating Homelessness

There are more than half a million homeless people in the US and that number is only rising. GCF supports local charities, food banks, job programs and shelters to help combat homelessness.


A Voice for Voiceless

There’s nothing more heart breaking than seeing an animal abused, neglected, abandoned or injured. GCF works with numerous charities and animal shelters to help make a difference.


Support for Veterans

Veterans make up roughly 11% of adult homelessness. Another 5 million struggle with a disability. GCF provides support to help military veterans, families and those struggling with disabilities.


When Disaster Strikes

You never know where or when the next disaster will occur. Hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, fires and floods seem to the new normal. GCF is here to help support those hardest hit when disaster strikes.

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It started with a simple idea…

That idea was to create an internal environment of giving back within our business. It’s a way of encouraging our employees, agents and partners to give back to the local community, causes and to those impacted by disasters and hardship worldwide. Founded in 2009, the Global Care Foundation (GCF) was created as part of a bigger initiative within Global Consulting Group (GCG), a leading technology distributor and IT consulting firm. Today, GCF is more active than ever and supports a wide range of charities and causes. GCG and GCF host several events each year including golf tournaments, company awards and other events where charities or causes receive donations and are highlighted.

Here’s how we make a difference

Financial Contributions

Providing financial contributions directly to charities and causes that are out there making a difference. GCG employees and agents are encouraged to recommend charities or causes that are important to them.

Donations & Drives

GCF hosts quarterly drives at GCG Denver Headquarters to collect goods such as food, school supplies, coats and clothes, toys and more. All of which are donated directly to local charities.

Volunteering & Outreach

Whether stocking food banks, building houses or serving the homeless, GCG employees and agents welcome the opportunity to participate in volunteering and community outreach.